World Vitiligo Day 2019
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World Vitiligo Day

World Vitiligo Day is a day where millions around the world gather to increase awareness for Vitiligo, fight prejudice and educate the public. This year’s theme revolves around the topic ‘The Quality of Life of a Vitiligo Patient.

Hence, in conjunction with World Vitiligo Day on 25th June 2019, we are providing free consultation for all patients suffering from Vitiligo. Your journey to better mental and medical well-being starts here!

Detailed Consultation Period: 15th June 2019 – 25th June 2019

Open From Monday to Sunday.

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  • Extensive Experience In Treating Vitiligo
  • Multilingual & Experienced Team
  • Fast Appointment Booking
  • Treat Vitiligo Patients of All Ages
  • Modern Medical Facilities

At Novena Vitiligo Medical Centre, we only have one primary focus, that’s to treat Vitiligo.

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